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Скачать .NET-A Complete Development Cycle (re-link) бесплатно

.NET-A Complete Development Cycle by Gunther Lenz, Thomas Moeller

Addison-Wesley Professional | ISBN-10: 0321168828 | year:2003 | 592 pages | CHM | 4.7MB

.NET—A Complete Development Cycle is the first guide to combining the best software-engineering practices of the Unified Process with the ins and outs of the .NET architecture. The book begins with an overview of the principles of software engineering and then introduces Microsoft technologies such as Visual C#, Windows Forms (WinForms), ADO.NET, and ASP.NET.

Central to this practical guide is a case study developing a working imaging application. As the authors lead readers through the complete lifecycle of this .NET development project, they teach effective software-engineering methodologies, including top strategies for requirements engineering, functional breakdown, design reviews, implementation, testing, and deployment. Readers will also learn how to make the most of tools such as the Unified Modeling Language (UML), GDI+, multithreading, Web Services Description Language (WSDL), Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), Universal Description, Discovery and Integration (UDDI), and versioning.

Editorial Reviews
Praise for .NET—A Complete Development Cycle
“Excellent step-by-step walkthrough of software development with .NET for architects and programmers. Great explanation of current software development methodologies, and a wealth of practical examples using current techniques.”

—Phil Syme
Technical Lead
Watson Wyatt Worldwide
Washington, D.C.

“This book takes a unique approach to integrating real-world development examples to illustrate the phases and tasks of the software development lifecycle.”

—Jackie Goldstein
Renaissance Computer Systems Ltd.
and MSDN Regional Director

“In this book the authors excel in presenting all aspects of the .NET development cycle in a format accessible to the beginner, and as a primer and reference for the experienced developer. It is exemplary in its encouragement of good software engineering technique from the outset by adhering to the Unified Process. This book is not only educational and informative, but working through it is fun!”

—Dr. Oliver Downs
Chief Scientist, Analytical Insights, Inc.

“As a software project manager, I found this book and accompanying CD to be a valuable aid to help sort out the practical application of .NET from all the hype.”

—Daniel Paulish
Software engineering project manager with
more than 20 years’ experience



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