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Скачать The Snobol4 Programming Language, 2nd edition бесплатно

Ralph E. Griswold, J. F. Poage, I. P. Polonsky, "The Snobol4 Programming Language, 2nd edition"
Prentice Hall | 1971-03 | ISBN: 0138153736 | 256 pages | PDF | 2,5 MB

"In 1974 I was hanging around the University of Toronto's High Speed Job Stream: you could write programs on punch cards and run them on the IBM mainframe without a user account.

I was running FORTRAN programs on the system's WATFIV implementation, when one day I found a big, green textbook left behind by a hapless undergrad. I started perusing the book, and right away I saw that I was no longer in Kansas.

I was looking at the SNOBOL programming language, and the style of programming--using pattern matching, back tracking, succeed, fail, fence, and so forth--was utterly new. My brain exploded and I started writing programs for the University's SPITBOL compiler.

Years later, when I saw Prolog and Regular Expressions, I came to appreciate how innovative the SNOBOL team had been. I've ordered a copy of this text for my library, and I recommend it for anyone who appreciates the work of pioneers like Griswold." - reader's review.

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