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Скачать Perl: The Complete Reference. Second Edition бесплатно

Perl: The Complete Reference. Second Edition

Perl: The Complete Reference. Second Edition
Osborne | ISBN: 0072194251 | 1249 pages | 3.4 MB | PDF

The idea of this book is to provide a reference guide to everything you could possibly want to know about Perl. I’ve done my best to try and cover all the different aspects, from the core of the language to the different functions, and on into the different tasks and areas of the Perl language. I even cover how to debug your software, write documentation, and then build and distribute your applications or modules to the world at large. Along the way, we also look at some nonstandard features and extensions, including better ways of networking, web programming, and designing interfaces. Throughout the entire book, you’ll find real-world examples and guides on how to approach real problems using Perl—not just how to use the features of Perl.


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