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Скачать PHP 5 / MySQL Programming for the Absolute Beginner (Repost) бесплатно

PHP 5 / MySQL Programming for the Absolute Beginner

Andy Harris, «PHP 5 / MySQL Programming for the Absolute Beginner»
Course Technology PTR | ISBN: 1592004946 | 2004 | PDF | 464 pages | 9.24 MB

Computer programming has often been seen as a difficult and arcane skill. Programming languages are difficult and complicated, out of the typical person’s reach. However, the advent of the World Wide Web has changed that to some extent. It’s reasonably easy to build and post a Web page for the entire world to see. The language of the Web is reasonably simple, and numerous applications are available to assist in the preparation of static pages. At some point, every Web author begins to dream of pages that actually do
something useful. The simple HTML language that builds a page offers the tantalizing ability to build forms, but no way to work with the information that users type into these forms.




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