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Скачать PHP 5 CMS Framework Development бесплатно

PHP 5 CMS Framework Development:
Expert insight and practical guidance to creating an efficient, flexible, and robust framework for a PHP 5-based content management system by Martin Brampton

Publisher: Packt Publishing (June 6, 2008) | 348 pages | ISBN: 1847193579 | PDF | 2.8 MB

Expert insight and practical guidance to creating an efficient, flexible, and robust framework for a PHP 5-based content management system

* Learn how to design, build, and implement a complete CMS framework for your custom requirements
* Implement a solid architecture with object orientation, MVC
* Build an infrastructure for custom menus, modules, components, sessions, user tracking, and more
* Written by a seasoned developer of CMS applications

In Detail
If you're developing a content management system in PHP 5, there are times when you simply have to roll-your-own, for whatever reason. In those situations, this book will be invaluable.

If you're looking for an inside guide to putting together the working framework of a flexible, robust content management system in PHP 5, this book is for you.

As a former development team leader on the renowned Mambo open-source content management system, author Martin Brampton offers unique insight and practical guidance into the problem of building an architecture for a content management system.

Following the scene-setting first chapter, each chapter in the book tackles a different aspect of developing the author's new Aliro PHP 5 CMS framework, with:

* A concise statement of the problem
* Discussion of the important design issues and problems faced
* Creation of the framework solution

The framework is built on a strongly object-oriented architecture throughout, including adherence to MVC principles, and you will learn how to create classes for handling such things as menus, modules, components, sessions, and user tracking.

Administration and security issues are discussed as an integral part of the design and implementation of framework features. The final chapter discusses the key issues that affect a wide range of specific content handlers and explores a practical example in detail.

What you will learn from this book

* The general characteristics of systems to create websites
* Effective coding and object architectures to fully exploit PHP 5
* A foundation for database processing to ease further development
* Technical functions such as handling sessions, caches, errors, XML, mail, and files
* Management of website users
* Flexible, practical deployment of role based access control
* Internationalization
* Handling extensibility beyond the basic framework
* General concepts of menus without prior commitments to detail
* Delivery and presentation of different kinds of user-oriented content

The book includes extensive discussion of the design issues, and how to overcome them in the framework. Each chapter of the book focuses on a particular requirement of the framework. The book will not present the total code for the framework, showing only the parts that raise critical design or implementation issues. For these, detailed explanation is given, leaving the less problematic parts to the code download itself.

Who this book is written for
This book is for professional PHP developers who either already use an in-house developed CMS, or are developing one, and want a thorough explanation of solutions to the common issues faced in CMS development, or simply want a working framework on which to build.

The reader needs to be confident working with PHP 5 object-oriented programming.

About the Author

Martin Brampton is now primarily a software developer and writer, but he started out studying mathematics at Cambridge University. He then spent a number of years helping to create the so-called legacy, which remained in use far longer than he ever expected. He worked on a variety of major systems in areas like banking and insurance, spiced with occasional forays into technical areas such as ship hull design, and natural gas pipeline telemetry.

After a decade of heading IT for an accountancy firm, a few years as a director of a leading analyst firm, and an MA degree in Modern European Philosophy, Martin finally returned to his interest in software, but this time transformed into web applications. He found PHP5, which fits well with his prejudice in favor of programming languages that are interpreted and strongly object oriented.

Utilizing PHP, Martin took on development of useful extensions for the Mambo (and now also Joomla!) systems, then became a team leader for developing Mambo itself. More recently, he has written a complete new generation CMS named Aliro, many aspects of which are described in this book. He has also created a common API to enable extensions to be written with a single code base for Aliro, Joomla (1.0 and 1.But his focus is on object oriented software with a web slant, much of which is open-source. He runs Black Sheep Research, which provides software, speaking and writing services, including "The Brampton Factor", a monthly column for silicon.com where he is politely described as a veteran analyst.

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