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Скачать Php 5 Cms Framework Development бесплатно

Php 5 Cms Framework Development
Publisher: Packt Publishing Limited | ISBN: 1847193579 | edition 2008 | PDF | 348 pages | 2,4 mb

This book guides you through the design and implementation decisions necessary to create a working architecture for a PHP5-based content management system. Each of the major areas and decision points are reviewed and discussed. Code examples, which take advantage of PHP5's object oriented nature, are provided and explained.They serve as a means of illustrating the detailed development issues created by a CMS. In areas where the code is too voluminous to be reproduced in detail, the design principles are explained along with some critical pieces of code. A basic knowledge of PHP is assumed. Apart from being a demonstration of the code in action, the site provides access to the whole of the code both through a class browser, built using Doxygen and a code repository, powered by Subversion.

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