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Скачать Practical CakePHP Projects бесплатно

Kai Chan, John Omokore, Richard Miller, "Practical CakePHP Projects"
Apress | 2008-12-02 | ISBN: 143021578X | 400 pages | PDF | 2 MB

If you’ve been using PHP for sometime now and would like to start using a web framework, you’ll want to try CakePHP, which is an open source rapid development web framework built on PHP.
PHP experts Kai Chan and John Omokore guide you through a variety of practical CakePHP applications. You will work on projects such as a video gallery, unit testing application, an e–commerce app, a blog site, and much more. Practical CakePHP Projects covers the key architectural concepts as well as including mini projects that you can use to enhance your own applications.
A friendly introduction for any web programmer looking to choose a PHP framework
Real–world projects based on current and future trends
Practical CakePHP techniques that you can use right away
What you’ll learn
Painlessly create a secure and dynamic web site with CakePHP and MySQL.
Discover how CakePHP can be used in high–level and demanding applications using CakePHP built–in components as well as methods such as Smarty, caching, and unit testing.
See how CakePHP integrates with technologies such as Ajax and web services.
Integrate your own components into CakePHP’s framework.
Apply CakePHP to mainstream technologies such as Google Video, blogging, mashups, and e–commerce.
Work through the few pitfalls of some of the CakePHP framework, for example, Access Control Lists.
Who is this book for?
Aimed primarily at CakePHP novices to professionals and PHP programmers seeking to build web applications easily using CakePHP and related web technologies, this book will also appeal to programmers using other frameworks in other languages, for example, Ruby on Rails and Java Spring.

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