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Скачать Flash and PHP Bible бесплатно

Flash and PHP Bible by Matthew Keefe
Publisher: Wiley 2008 | 508 Pages | ISBN: 9780470258248 | PDF | 10 MB

Quickly develop dynamic Flash applications with PHP

The demand for rich Internet applications (RIAs) such as complete storefronts and interactive surveys is skyrocketing, as is the pressure to create these dynamic apps overnight and at low cost. This in-depth Bible provides the step-by-step instructions you need to quickly create RIAs in Flash using cost-effective, open-source PHP programming tools. You'll learn how PHP works, when you should use it in Flash, and above all, vital security techniques for keeping your interactive sites secure.

Install, configure, and explore the basics of PHP

Connect Flash to PHP and PHP to MySQL

Create contact forms and search capabilities

Clean, store, and check your interactive data

Apply advanced security techniques

Develop an RSS reader or banner tracking with PHP

Extend Flash and PHP with third-party libraries

Learn best practices for backing up and updating your server

Companion Web Site
On the book's Web site you can see real-world examples of Flash applications and how they were developed. The Web site also includes all the source files associated with the examples. Visit www.wiley.com/go/flashandphpbible.

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