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Скачать Pro PHP XML and Web Services бесплатно

Pro PHP XML and Web Services (Pro) by Robert Richards (Author)
Publisher: Apress (March 27, 2006) | ISBN-10: 1590596331 | PDF | 3 Mb | 936 pages

Pro PHP XML and Web Services is the authoritative guide to using the XML features of PHP 5 and PHP 6. No other book covers XML and Web Services in PHP as deeply as this title. The first four chapters introduce the core concepts of XML required for proficiency, and will bring you up to speed on the terminology and key concepts you need to proceed with the rest of the book. Next, the book explores utilizing XML and Web Services with PHP5. Topics include DOM, SimpleXML, SAX, xmlReader, XSLT, RDF, RSS, WDDX, XML-RPC, REST, SOAP, and UDDI.


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