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Скачать Foundation PHP for Dreamweaver 8 бесплатно

Foundation PHP for Dreamweaver 8
friends of ED | ISBN: 1590595696 | 530 pages | December 19, 2005 | PDF | 11 Mb

In this book, youll learn how to:
* Install, configure, and troubleshoot a testing environment with PHP/MySQL and Apache or IIS
* Learn the fundamentals of PHP and good database design
* Use Dreamweaver 8 server behaviors to create robust dynamic applications that validate user input for greater security and reliability
* Incorporate live XML feeds into your web pages with PHP and Dreamweaver 8s new XSL Transformation server behavior
* Download and apply a suite of custom-built PHP functions designed exclusively for this book

Want to add the power of a database to your websites? Build online forms that send feedback straight to your inbox? Incorporate live news feeds and XML data into your web pages? This book shows you how to do all that and more. Dreamweaver 8 takes a lot of the hard work out of integrating a database into your websites, but it cant do everything. So instead of just giving you a series of instructions to click this and click that, this book helps you understand whats going on in the background. As a result, youre more likely to remember and to get it right. Most books on PHP concentrate on code and throw all design considerations out the window. This one is different. It makes use of Dreamweaver 8s vastly improved CSS rendering, and shows you how to build a site thats smart in both senses of the word. It looks good and is intelligent too. Youll learn how to change the entire look of the site, using PHP to serve up different stylesheets each month. Youll also build a contact form protected against email injection attacks. All of Dreamweavers PHP server behaviors are put through their paces, and youll even make some custom server behaviors that will come in useful on any site you create. Two chapters take you through the setup process with step-by-step instructions for both Windows and Mac OS X, helping you make the right choices: Apache or IIS? Remote or local testing? There are even instructions on how to set up virtual hosts on your own computer. And in the unlikely event that things go wrong, theres plenty of troubleshooting advice too. In this book we look specifically at using Dreamweaver's built-in server behaviors to build dynamic web sites using PHP and MySQL, the worlds most popular open source server-side language and database server combination, which are both reliable, powerful, and open source (and therefore free to use!) This latest version of Dreamweaver includes more powerful support for PHP and MySQL than ever before, and we'll show you how to make this work for you. No previous experience of PHP or MySQL is necessary to use this book. Examples built throughout the book include a content management system, and an online image gallery. All examples are designed to meet modern usability requirements and be web standards compliant.

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