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Скачать MySQL/PHP Database Applications, Second Edition бесплатно

MySQL/PHP Database Applications, Second Edition

MySQL/PHP Database Applications, Second Edition
Wiley | ISBN: 0764549634 | 819 pages | 4 MB | PDF

Welcome. If you are thumbing through these pages, you’re probably considering writing Web-based applications with PHP and MySQL. If you decide to go with these tools, you’ll be in excellent company. Thousands of developers—from total newbies to programmers with years of experience—are turning to PHP and MySQL for their Web-based projects, and for good reason.
Both PHP and MySQL are easy to use, fast, free, and powerful. If you want to get a dynamic Web site up quickly, there are no better choices. The PHP scripting language was built for the Web. All the tasks common to Web development can be performed in PHP with an absolute minimum of effort. Similarly, MySQL excels at tasks common to dynamic Web sites. Whether you’re creating a content-management systemor an e-commerce application, MySQL is a great choice for your data storage.


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