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Скачать Advanced PHP for Web Professionals бесплатно

Advanced PHP for Web Professionals

Advanced PHP for Web Professionals
Publisher: Prentice Hall PTR | Number Of Pages: 368 | ISBN / ASIN: 0130085391 | 1.8MB

From the Back Cover

* Build complex, PHP-driven Web sites€”fast!
* Discover powerful new PHP techniques, hands on!
* Learn all-new techniques based on PHP-GTK and PEAR::DB
* Master XML parsing, user authentication, forms processing, data mining, and much more

Take your PHP programming skills to the next level!

In this concise, hands-on tutorial, PHP expert Christopher Cosentino delivers dozens of powerful new techniques for building serious Web applications. Through professional-quality examples drawn from his six years as a PHP developer, Cosentino walks you through building friendlier, more usable sites; improving user authentication; generating dynamic graphics; parsing XML documents; building database-independent Web applications; and much more!
Take PHP to the limit... and beyond!

* Manage sessions more effectively
* Interact with multiple databases via PEAR::DB
* Improve your form processing scripts
* Parse large files and perform data mining
* Authenticate users by IP address, database query, or HTTP authentication
* Create custom error handlers
* Dump database contents into XML files
* Use PHP-GTK to build client-side cross-platform GUI applications
* And more...


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