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Скачать Applied XML: A Toolkit for Programmers бесплатно

Applied XML: A Toolkit for Programmers

Alex Ceponkus, Faraz Hoodbhoy, «Applied XML: A Toolkit for Programmers»
John Wiley & Sons | ISBN: 0471344028 | 1999 | PDF | 496 pages | 2.97 MB

Looking past much of the hype surrounding XML, Applied XML provides a real-world guide to the XML used in the latest browsers and server-side solutions. Approachable yet filled with useful specifics about XML standards, this book fills a valuable niche for any IS professional, including Java developers. The notable feature here is the clarity of the authors' presentation and their real-world examples using current tools. They start off with the "big picture" about XML and its potential for allowing today's corporations to structure and deliver data over the Internet. The book then covers all the basics with a full tour of the relevant XML standards like DTDs, XML DOM, and XSL (for displaying XML data).



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