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Скачать XML Weekend Crash Course бесплатно

XML Weekend Crash Course
Publisher:Wiley(2001-09) | ISBN-10: 0764547593 | PDF | 5.3 Mb | 384 pages

XML Weekend Crash Course is an excellent source for beginners and experienced users alike for learning or enhancing XML skills in just 15 hours or 30 well-thought out sessions. You will gain a thorough understanding of XML documents and learn what it takes to create working, viewable XML.

XML WCC will walk you through step-by-step on how to systematically apply each task in a building block manner. As you work through each chapter, you feel as if a trainer and coach is guiding you through the process. Key areas in the text that enhance the learning experience are the Tips, Notes, Time Clock Progress Icon, Explanations of the Task, Review, and the Quiz Yourself Questions at the end of each chapter. As XML becomes ever more prevalent for applications on the Web, XML WCC is definitely a must for those who need to know how to get started in creating XML documents.

What does this book cover?

- Using tags to label XML content
- Formatting XML documents for display in a Web browser
- Building applications around XML documents
- Understanding how XML documents are processed
- Learning several ways to create XML documents
- Learning the two major building blocks of XML documents
- Taking advantage of the many tools available for validating
- Attributes, uses, and benefits of DTD's (Document Type
- Learning about graphic types and options
- Simple transformations with XSLT and X Path
- Using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and applying XSLT style
sheets automatically
- Introduction to XML schemas
- Linking and querying XML documents



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