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Скачать XPath, XLink, XPointer, and XML: A Practical Guide to Web Hyperlinking and Transclusion бесплатно

XPath, XLink, XPointer, and XML: A Practical Guide to Web Hyperlinking and Transclusion
Pearson Education; 1st edition | ISBN: 0201703440 | 272 pages | July 23, 2002 | CHM

The combination of Extensible Markup Language (XML) and its related interlinking standards bring a range of exciting possibilities to the realm of Internet content management. This practical reference book documents these critical standards, shifting theory into practice for today's developers who are creating tomorrow's useful, efficient, and information-rich applications and Web sites.

Blending advanced reference material with practical guidelines, this authoritative guide presents a historical overview, current developments, and future perspectives in three detailed sections. Part I provides a conceptual framework highlighting current and emerging linking technologies, hypermedia concepts, and the rationale behind the "open" Web of tomorrow. Part II covers the specifics behind the emerging core standards, and then Part III examines how these technologies can be applied and how the concepts can be put to efficient use within the world of Web site management and Web publishing.

Both detailed and authoritative, this book presents the most thorough documentation of XML's linking standards available, and it examines how today's enabling technologies are likely to change the Web of tomorrow.

Topics covered in-depth include:
* Hypermedia concepts and alternatives to the Web
* XML Namespaces, XML Base, XInclude, XML Information Set, XHTML, and XSLT
* XPath, XLink, and XPointer concepts, strengths, and limitations
* Emerging tools, applications, and environments
* Migration strategies, from conventional models to more sophisticated linking techniques
* Future perspectives on the XPath, XLink, and XPointer standards

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