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Скачать The Essential Guide to Flex 2 with ActionScript 3.0 by Charles E Brown бесплатно

The Essential Guide to Flex 2 with ActionScript 3.0 by Charles E Brown (Author)
Publisher: friends of ED (February 26, 2007) | ISBN-10: 1590597338 | PDF | 20 Mb | 520 pages

Flex 2 represents something of a revolution in web applications. It is the next evolutionary step of Flash, which has grown from a web animation tool to a powerful enterprise web design and development tool. with nearly 98% of all web browsers and cellular phones running the Flash player needed to use Flash and Flex applications, knowledge of Flex is indispensable for any serious web designer and developer.
This book will show you how to create powerful, rich Internet applications using Flex 2 and ActionScript 3.0. After learning how to install and becoming familiar with the basics of the Flex Builder 2 software, you will explore in depth how ActionScript 3.0 interacts with Flex's powerful XML-like design language: MXML. the text will take you through all the powerful features of Flex using a series of strictly practical exercises. You will:
— Examine the power of designing layouts using Flex's MXML containers. — Discover many of the new features of ActionScript 3.0. — Work your way through a professional case study, building up a complete Flex application. — Connect Flex to Adobe's powerful ColdFusion application server, and start to work with Flex applications powered by dynamic server-side code. — Learn how states can smoothly transition your application interfaces between different data displays. Put quite simply, this book is all you'll need to master Flex 2 and ActionScript 3.0 application development. Welcome to the revolution!

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