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Скачать Mastering Xml бесплатно

Ann Navarro, Chuck White, Linda Burman, "Mastering Xml"
Publisher: Sybex Inc 1999 | 928 pages | ISBN: 0782122663 | CHM | 10 MB

Are you a newcomer to XML, hoping to learn about all the excitement? If the answer is “Yes,” you will not be disappointed. By the time you have finished reading Mastering XML, you will have an excellent grasp of the critical elements of XML and probably be writing XML code. You’ll also have learned about each member of the XML family, how the standards are developed, and how XML is being used in the real business world. Do you already have experience with XML? If you do, you will also find a wealth of useful information in Mastering XML. It will fine-tune your XML skills and bring you up-to-date on advances in the XML world. You’ll find that this book will expand your knowledge beyond the basics and take you on to the challenges of producing DTDs and schemas, developing your own namespaces, and integrating powerful XML-based applications into your repertoire. For those with a background in HTML, you’ll learn how to transition your content and why HTML is great for display but XML is right for data. If you’re already familiar with SGML, but want to add XML to your portfolio, you’ll find Mastering XML to be a valuable resource, and it will tell you all about SGML for the Web.

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