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Скачать A Business Guide to Information Security бесплатно

Alan Calder, "A Business Guide to Information Security"
Publisher: Kogan Page 2006 | 193 Pages | ISBN: 0749443952 | PDF | 1 MB

Vital reading for all those concerned with protecting their companies from malicious and criminal activity, department managers to CXOs and risk managers.
"In this clearly argued and thorough guide, he takes the busy reader through a powerful checklist of simple but necessary steps that will help protect your business." Stefan Stern in Accounting and Business Magazine "Nontechnical, simple, and straightforward, this handbook offers valuable advice to help managers protect their companies from malicious and criminal IT activity." Advance Magazine "Explains to directors and managers the key issues to be addressed in dealing with data and helps them to take control of a subject that is critical to their survival." ISSG Magazine "An ideal starting point for those who are looking for a broad picture of compliance regulation." Risk UK Magazine "Easy explanations and strategies to strengthen a company's data holdings." Midwestbookreview.com "Using a number of national and international standards as a base, the author provides a series of checklists for the non-IT person to understand the issues." Professional Manager "Explains to directors and managers the vital issues...And helps them to take control of a subject that is critical to their survival." European Foundation for Management Development "Explores ways to arm nontechnical business executives and computer users everywhere with the basic information they need to ensure that they and their business stay safe online." Journal of Economic Literature.

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