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Скачать Internet Security: Professional Reference 2nd Edition бесплатно

Internet Security: Professional Reference 2nd Edition
New Riders Publishing | 2nd edition (January 15, 1997) | English | ISBN-10: 156205760X | ISBN-13: 978-1562057602 | 916 pages | PDF | 5.30 MB

Product Description:

If you are using the Internet to conduct professional or personal business, you want to know your Internet connection is secure. This book gives you all the information and tools you need to keep the hackers out and the mission-critical information in. It takes you through planning, implementing, and administering a secure Internet connection--from understanding UUCP and auditing to encryption and firewalls to understanding viruses. A comprehensive resource for security and network professionals alike, this book will show you how to use and implement the latest technologies in the most secure fashion, including Java, CGI, and Windows NT.

Amazon.com Review:

This is a big book--more than 850 pages. And the type is small, too. It has precisely what's needed to pack a comprehensive resource on Internet security into a single volume. The authors don't waste space on philosophizing or lecturing about security--they simply lay out what a site manager needs to know, beginning with the basics of TCP/IP. The book presents a five-part approach. Part one deals with security management, including TCP/IP, daemons, UUCP, and audit trails. Part two switches perspectives to that of the intruder, showing ways of gaining illicit accesses and how attempts to do so can be thwarted. Part three examines the challenges of creating secure channels for messaging. Part four shows how to deal with security concerns raised by Windows NT, Java, and various viruses. Part five contains the appendices, offering an array of security references and resources where site managers can find further and updated information. While the need to cram such a vast storehouse of information into the books rarely allows for a relaxed style of exposition, the authors have done a fine job of keeping explanations clear and useful to even novice site managers.

Summary: Good. Does not provide a "how to" way to protect a Business.
Rating: 4

This book provides very good advice on how security works, and some way hackers had invaded systems.

Includes, Java, CGI, SATAN, Kerberos but lacks an step by step advice to protect networks. The book is all about Unix...

Summary: Excellent books for make penetration testing...
Rating: 5

This book cover a width range of themes, include security for winnt, unix. Also cover security with CGI, Java.. Excellent !!!


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