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Скачать Winning The Online Battle бесплатно

Greg Reynolds, "Winning The Online Battle"
2004 | ISBN: N/A | 100 pages | PDF | 1 MB

The key to winning the online battle is to think medieval. And no,
that’s not really as odd as it sounds.
You need to be a little Machiavellian – building up your castle walls,
hiring the right gatekeeper, eliminating spies, and acquiring the cloak
of invisibility – to win the online battle.
Then, once you have good defenses in place, you can protect easily
protect yourself while you venture online as long as you keep your
head about you.
And how do you do that?
Simple. You just use common sense:
* You don’t leave the front door open at your castle.
* You don’t let anyone in unless they know the password.
* You don’t let spies leak valuable information.
* You don’t let anyone see where you’re going.
So how does that translate to staying safe online?
You put systematic procedures in place that watch your back. When
you are connected to the Internet, no one can possibly keep up with
all the communication process going on between your computer and
the outside world.
However, by using a combination of specialized programs, you can put
a multi-layered defense that monitors all the communications to and
from your computer and keeps your castle safe.
Every online computer needs the following:
* Personal firewall
* Spam filtering
* Antivirus protection
* Spyware/malware detection
With these tools you can easily win the online battle and stop spam,
viruses, and hackers in their tracks. The next few chapters will walk
you through the basic concepts followed by chapters describing how
these products work, covering best practices, and providing detailed
product information.

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