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Скачать Inside Thread. бесплатно

Eric Cole, "Inside Thread."
ISBN: 0122457456 | 2006 edition | PDF | 425 Pages | 4,17 MB

I was sitting at my desk when my phone rang. I answered the phone and it was a large pharmaceutical company who was interested in consulting services.They started off the conversation stating that they had some problems and thought that my company might be able to help.They had noticed a trend with one of their foreign competitors. Every time they went to release a new product (in this case a new drug), one of their competitors would release a similar drug with a similar name several weeks before them and would beat them to market. If you understand the drug industry, you’ll know that this is a serious problem.The first company to get a product to market usually is able to obtain a higher market share and higher demand than its competitors.Therefore, this represented a huge monetary loss to the company and the executives were concerned.




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