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Скачать Owen Poole - Network Security: A Practical Guide бесплатно

Owen Poole - Network Security: A Practical Guide
Butterworth-Heinemann | 2002 | ISBN: 0750650338 | Pages: 224 | PDF | 1.53 MB

Network Security: a practical guide provides a comprehensive review of network security issues, with relevance to corporate networks, from
both an administrative and user perspective. It is particularly suited to IS executives, administrators and managers who wish to review their own network security procedures or for those who simply want to learn more about the network security issues that face their organization.

The book covers a broad range of issues, starting with an assessment of network security, including the financial implications of security breaches, and moving on to discuss the different types of security threats facing computer networks. Particular attention is also given to the legal framework for network security. Attention is then turned to increasing security awareness and readiness, including system configuration, acceptable use, business continuity, and explaining technical solutions available such as firewalls and content control.

Introduction of a security policy is widely accepted as best practise in informing and educating users, and the final chapter is devoted to policy writing. By the end of the book readers should be ready to create and implement a network security policy for their organization and start reducing overheads and downtime immediately!

*Discusses all the relevant issues with a concise, straightforward, and readily accessible approach.
*Important emphasis placed on the people management aspects of network security.
*Practical business oriented approach includes reference to legal and financial aspects of network security.
*Companion web site at www.networksecurity.org.uk includes updates, additional material, downloads, and links to resources and further information.

*Designed to walk the reader through computer network security issues with active participation through checklists and action plans for their completion
*Readers are encouraged to develop their ideas for the construction and implementation of a security policy throughout the book, covered in the final chapter
*Additional material provided on an accompanying web site

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