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Скачать Computer Forensics: Computer Crime Scene Investigation бесплатно

Computer Forensics: Computer Crime Scene Investigation

John R. Vacca, «Computer Forensics: Computer Crime Scene Investigation»
Charles River | ISBN: 1584500182 | 2002 | CHM | 600 pages | 2.06 MB

The mightiest fortresses in the world can fail, and when that happens all you can do (you being the person responsible for castle security) is figure out what went wrong, what damage was done, and by whom. If the castle was located in the right kind of kingdom--to take a metaphor too far--you can hope to prosecute the perpetrator. Computer Forensics: Computer Crime Scene Investigation explains how to gather evidence of computer crimes in such a way that it will be more likely to lead to a conviction in a criminal court. It's an interesting legal area--after all, it's almost always you, and not any law enforcement agency doing the surveillance and evidence-gathering on your computer systems--and John Vacca has done a fair bit of research. This book will probably expand your thinking on the subject of information security.




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