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Скачать Security Engineering for Vehicular IT Systems бесплатно

Marko Wolf, "Security Engineering for Vehicular IT Systems"
Vieweg and Teubner | 2009-05-01 | ISBN: 3834807958 | 206 pages | PDF | 1,4 MB

Even though most vehicular IT systems are indeed developed to face technical failures, they rarely consider a systematic malicious encroachment. However, in the degree that vehicular electronics are becoming software-driven, digitally networked and interactive IT systems, dependable security measures are essential to ensure driving safety and enable the automotive industry to achieve different legal requirements. Marko Wolf provides a comprehensive overview of the merging area of vehicular security. Having identified potential threats, attacks, and attackers for current and future vehicular IT applications, the author presents practical security measures to meet the identified security requirements efficiently and dependably.

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