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Скачать Steal This Computer Book 2 : What They Won't Tell You About the Internet бесплатно

Wallace Wang, "Steal This Computer Book 2 : What They Won't Tell You About the Internet"
No Starch Press | 2000-01-15 | ISBN: 1886411425 | 462 pages | PDF | 11 MB

Viruses, e-mail bombings, ANSI bombings, keystroke monitors, scams - just what are these phenomena? Steal This Computer Book answers this question and discusses the ethical issues surrounding hacking. This thoroughly updated new edition incorporates the latest on: Trojan Horse programs - how they work, where to find them, and what kind of damage they can cause; the illegal copying of MP3 music files and DVD-encrypted movie disks; computer forensics used for recovering deleted data; security issues accompanying broadband Internet technologies; and more. A gallery of hacker's tools and a CD-ROM with various antihacker and security tools are included. "A delightfully irresponsible primer." - Chicago Tribune

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