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Скачать Introduction to Identity-Based Encryption (Information Security and Privacy Series) бесплатно

Luther Martin, "Introduction to Identity-Based Encryption (Information Security and Privacy Series)"
Artech House Publishers 2008 | ISBN-10: 1596932384 | 232 Pages | PDF | 1,8 MB

If you're looking to fully understand and effectively implement identity-based encryption (IBE) technology, this authoritative resource is a smart choice. Until now, details on IBE have only been found in cumbersome, hard-to-follow journal articles and conference proceedings. This is the first book to offer you complete, easy-to-understand guidance on the subject. Comparing and contrasting IBE with traditional public-key technologies, the book clearly explains how and why IBE systems are secure. You find a wealth of practical techniques, algorithms and numerous worked examples that enable you to create a secure IBE system.

From basic mathematical concepts and properties, properties of elliptic curves, divisors and the Tate pairing, and cryptography and computational complexity, to related cryptographic algorithms, various IBE schemes, hierarchical IBE and master secret planning, and calculating pairings, this comprehensive volume serves as a clear guide to this increasingly important security technology. This hands-on volume includes detailed pseudocode for identity-based encryption algorithms and supporting algorithms that help save you time and simplify your challenging projects in the field.

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