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Скачать Cisco Access Control Security: AAA Administration Services (Repost) бесплатно

Cisco Access Control Security: AAA Administration Services
Publisher: Cisco Press | ISBN: 1587051249 | edition 2004 | CHM | 456 pages | 15,5 mb

Secure your network for remote access with the only guide to the Cisco Secure Access Control Server
* Improve security for network users connecting from home or remote offices
* Build safer, more secure and accessible telecommuter networks
* Master AAA (authentication, authorization, and account) management for users connecting from unsecured sites into the secure corporate network
* Review deployment and management strategies for the Cisco Secure ACS product line
With evolving network infrastructures, it is increasingly important that access to vital corporate resources are vigilantly monitored and controlled. Cisco's identity management solutions, including Cisco Secure Access Control Server (CSACS), address this trend, enabling security, control, and administration of the growing population of users that connect to the network.

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