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Скачать Building high availability Windows Server™ 2003 solutions бесплатно

This is the definitive resource for every network administrator, consultant, and architect who needs to maximize availability, scalability, and performance in Windows server environments. Drawing on two decades of Windows server experience, Jeffrey Shapiro and Marcin Policht have written the most realistic, comprehensive, and independent Windows high availability guide ever published. One step at, a time, they help you plan, implement, and manage clustering, load balancing, fault tolerance, SQL Server, Exchange Server, and much more. Along the way, they address crucial high availability topics that are virtually ignored by most books, such as disaster recovery, performance monitoring, and operations management. Shapiro and Policht offer a clear, concise roadmap for keeping Windows servers running 24x7 and delivering on even the most challenging service-level agreements. They provide real-world case studies and easy-to-use instructions designed to help readers make better decisions more rapidly.

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