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Скачать ActionScript 3.0 Bible бесплатно

ActionScript 3.0 Bible
This book was, above all, a team effort. My coauthors, editors, and the team at Wiley all deserve a huge cheer. Thanks to Mims for being amazingly organized and driven. Joey, I’ll never understand how you managed to make time for the book, but it’s so much better for your experience and contributions. Thank you. Josh, you’ve been a pleasure to work with and I thank you for effortlessly taking on a hero’s task. To our editor Chris Webb, thank you for the incredible opportunity, and for backing us up along the whole journey. Adaobi Obi Tulton, your gifts to this book went way above
and beyond your title of editor. You were a motivator, an organizer, a manager, and a friend. We couldn’t have done this without you. To our technical editors, Mark Walters, Corey Szopinski, and Mark Llobrera, thank you for your eagle eyes and your invaluable suggestions. Thanks to Schematic for supporting me far more than I expected possible. I also thank all my coworkers at Schematic for being mentors and great friends, in particular Robert Reinhardt, Danny Patterson, and Joey Lott. Thanks for the wisdom and guidance you continually impart and the doors you opened for
me. Thanks to my friends and family for enduring my occasional self-isolation and other antisocial behaviors. Last but far from least, thanks to my parents for cheering me on when I needed it most, and for giving me the most important gifts.
—Roger Braunstein

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