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Скачать The Stock Detective Investor: Beat Online Hype and Unearth the Real Stock Market Winners бесплатно

The Stock Detective Investor: Beat Online Hype and Unearth the Real Stock Market Winners
208 pages | Wiley (November 24, 2000) | 0471387754 | PDF | 1 Mb

Click your way to smart, successful investing with techniques from one of the most popular and beneficial Web sites on the Net

The market’s wild ride of the past two decades and the rise of the Internet have put many investors in an enviously successful position. Today there are more investing opportunities than ever before and quicker access to more information than most people knew existed. And yet there is one downside to the market boom that has grown as rapidly as the Dow–securities fraud. So, how do you get in on the online investing revolution without losing your shirt–or your nest egg? The answer is just a click away.

Since 1997, StockDetective.com has been a unique resource for investors who want to mine the Internet for the most promising–and legitimate–opportunities available. Now, with Stock Detective Investor: Finding Market Gems Online, you’ll learn the invaluable research strategies used by the popular Web site and how to apply them yourself.

Here you will learn to use stock screens and search engines to spot and avoid scams, and cut through the promotional hype that takes time away from concentrating on finding the real gold mines–and making smarter investment decisions. Providing everything from the 10 warning signs of a securities fraud to a step-by-step outline for doing your own legwork, and much more, Stock Detective Investor is an easy-to-read must-have for anyone who wants to safely, successfully, and efficiently invest online.


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