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Скачать Maximum Mac OS X Security бесплатно

Maximum Mac OS X Security
Publisher: Sams; 1st edition (May 13, 2003) | ISBN-10: 0672323818 | CHM | 3,7 Mb | 768 pages

While Mac OS X is becoming more and more stable with each release, its UNIX/BSD underpinnings have security implications that ordinary Mac users have never before been faced with. Mac OS X can be used as both a powerful Internet server, or, in the wrong hands, a very powerful attack launch point. Yet most Mac OS X books are generally quite simplistic -- with the exception of the author's Mac OS X Unleashed, the first book to address OS X's underlying BSD subsystem. Maximum Mac OS X Security takes a similar UNIX-oriented approach, going into significantly greater depth on OS X security topics: Setup basics, including Airport and network topology security.User administration and resource management with NetInfo. Types of attacks, how attacks work, and how to stop them. Network service security, such as e-mail, Web, and file sharing. Intrusion prevention and detection, and hands-on detection tools.





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