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Скачать Introducing Ubuntu: Desktop Linux бесплатно

Introducing Ubuntu: Desktop Linux
Course Technology PTR | 2007-06-27 | ISBN: 1598634151 | 464 pages | PDF | 12 MB

Completely free and highly robust, Ubuntu has the power to bring the Linux desktop to the masses. Introducing Ubuntu: Desktop Linux is your key to learning this new, userfriendly, and free alternative to Windows. Think of it as a personal tutorial, a one-on-one class with an expert user of Ubuntu. It begins by helping you choose the right Ubuntu for you (yes, there's more than one), and guides you through installing Ubuntu, managing the desktop, installing printers, and getting online. From there, the book moves on to describe how to perform everyday tasks under Ubuntu, such as sending and receiving e-mail, playing MP3s and movies, messaging with friends, working with digital images, and much more. There's plenty of information on how to use OpenOffice.org programs such as Writer, Calc, and Impress as well. While this is an excellent book for the general consumer, the book also addresses businessoriented users of Ubuntu for the small to mediumsized business (SMB) market through the use of sidebars. This is the only "up-and-running" guide to Ubuntu you will ever need.

Summary: worth- while read for 7.04
Rating: 2

Decent coverage of most of the frequently encountered Linux application issues for desktop users of Ubuntu 7.04. Covers a 7.04 installation and then getting started. Skims over some of the frequently encountered basic and intermediate tasks but does not go into alot of detail; however of the tasks covered do have enough detail to accomplish the task. More coverage of Network manager would have been nice, especially for wi-fi. A worth-while read for 7.04 users, but is not comprehensive enough to be a sole reference.

Summary: Good but could have been better!
Rating: 3

This book is simplistic but does not really go step by step. Please understand, it will try to give you a basic/intermediate understanding of Ubuntu and try to teach some things about Linux. It is not trying to teach you Linux itself. Just Ubuntu...a particular 'flavor' of Linux.

I agree with a previous review that this book does not really go to deep in the ways you want it too. I also felt there was a lot of fluff...as if the author just wanted to fatten the book up a bit. Again, like many other books dealing with Ubuntu, this book does not go deeply enough into setting up, backing up and protecting your partitions and files. Things that are crucial to know because if done properly, can save you hours of pain! Something Windows users are very familiar with and trying to escape.You will definitely need a general AND CURRENT book on Linux to get those details.

Tired of the restrictions and lack of performance from Windows? Tired of needing new, powerful hardware to satisfy Windows' bloated code? Tired of paying money for extra software like cd/dvd burning tools, backup software, MP3 ripping and burning, tired of shelling out $250 to $600 for Microsoft's Office Suite? Come over to Linux!! No digital rights management or privacy invading issues, no network connection restrictions, no slow degraded performance due to not having a brand new computer!!

Yes, it takes time to learn and will require some effort on your part...but the rewards are well worth it.

Summary: Very Basic, Great for technophobes
Rating: 2

There is a lot of information here, but 90% of it is the kind of stuff you just figure out from noodling around a bit and paying attention. The author mostly avoids issues that will change with new releases of Ubuntu. When a new version of the operating system comes out every 6 mos, you just can't stay on top of it all. So this turns into a very broad introduction to the most stable aspects of Ubuntu 7.04.

It is very comprehensive hand-holding for those either coming to Linux OSs fresh from a lifetime of Windows and Gates or anyone who is actually new to computing in general.

More timely, relevant, and personalized information can be found online...for free.




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