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Скачать Photoshop CS2 Bible, Professional Edition бесплатно

Photoshop CS2 Bible, Professional Edition
Название: Photoshop CS2 Bible, Professional Edition
Автор: Deke McClelland
Издательство: Wiley Publishing, Inc
Год: 2005
Формат: chm
Размер: 81 mb
ISBN: 0764595954
Качество: Отличное
Язык: English
Пароль: infanata

Библия пользователя Photoshop CS2, Professional Edition. Подробно рассмотрены вопросы создания и обрабтки изображений с помощью Photoshop CS2. Книга содержит множество цветных иллюстраций. Для пользователей, имеющих опыт работы с Photoshop.

The standard edition of the Photoshop CS Bible is an invaluable, cradle-to-grave resource guide with emphasis on text description over graphics. The Professional Edition is likewise a resource guide, but with emphasis on creative techniques, graphics and imagery, and the new capabilities of Photoshop CS2. The Professional Edition assumes more knowledge on the part of the reader, but in return, it delivers more interesting, more exciting information.
If you're looking for specifics, topics that receive either exclusive or dramatically expanded coverage in the Professional Edition include: Levels, Curves, the Camera Raw format, the Lens Blur filter, hue and saturation adjustments, the Channel Mixer, layer styles, history, the Render filters, actions, batch renaming and processing, arbitrary and displacement maps, the Custom filter, digital photography, red eye reduction, Web graphics, the sRGB color space, and ImageReady. As alluded to earlier, half the pages in this book appear nowhere inside the standard edition.
That means there's a lot of stuff covered in the standard Photoshop CS2 Bible that isn't covered in this edition. The standard edition alone provides the popular shortcuts table as well as coverage of navigation, preferences, tool presets, workspaces, resampling and resolution, file formats, color channels and models, the Eyedropper tool, gradients, the common selection tools, paths, text, Color Settings, and CMYK printing. The goal was to create two independent books with as little overlap as possible. We're not advising that you get both books, but some readers will, and we want them to be absolutely satisfied.
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