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Скачать Mac OS X Panther in 10 Simple Steps or Less бесплатно

Mac OS X Panther in 10 Simple Steps or Less by Steve Burnett, Wendy Willard, Anne Groves, Chad Fahs, Wendy Willard, Anne Groves, Chad Fahs
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons (May 7, 2004) | ISBN-10: 0764542389 | PDF | 23,8 Mb | 598 pages

Shows how to get to work with "Panther," presenting more than 250 essential tasks that users can complete in ten steps or less
— Each task is presented on a two-page spread, making the book easy to use while working at the computer
— The task-oriented text focuses on quick results, with minimal background, history, or theory
— Written for users who want a comprehensive resource that answers "how do I" questions about performing basic functions, customizing the system, boosting productivity, and even working with "command-line" Unix functions


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