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Скачать Microsoft Excel and Access Integration: With Microsoft Office 2007 бесплатно

Microsoft Excel and Access Integration: With Microsoft Office 2007 by Michael Alexander
Publisher: Wiley (April 30, 2007) | 408 pages | ISBN: 0470104880 | PDF | 6.4 MB

Excel users. Access users. You're probably among the majority, living in one camp or the other but rarely crossing between the two. Yet Microsoft designed these applications to work together. In this book, you'll discover how Access benefits from Excel's flexible presentation layer and versatile analysis capabilities, while Access's relational database structure and robust querying tools enhance Excel. Once you learn to make the team work, you'll find that your team's productivity is the real winner.

* Move data easily between Excel and Access
* Store Excel data in a structured relational database
* Create Excel PivotTables with Access data
* Report Access data using Excel's presentation layer
* Use VBA, ADO, and SQL to move data from one application to the other
* Save time and increase productivity by automating redundant processes with VBA
* Simplify integration tasks using XML
* Integrate Excel data into other Office applications

Companion Web site

Find all the examples from the book in the database located at www.wiley.com/go/exceland accessintegration.

About the Author

Michael Alexander is a Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD). He has more than thirteen years of experience as a consultant and developer of office solutions for various companies, and is the author of several books. Geoffrey Clark as fourteen years of real-world experience building and implementing custom solutions for clients worldwide. Currently, he develops office applications to enable enterprise-wide metrics and change initiatives.

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