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Скачать Advanced Computational Intelligence Paradigms in Healthcare - 1 бесплатно

Advanced Computational Intelligence Paradigms in Healthcare - 1
290 pages | Springer; 1 edition (March 28, 2007) | 3540475230 | PDF | 31 Mb

This book presents some of the most recent research results on the applications of computational intelligence in healthcare. The contents include: Information model for management of clinical content; State-based model for management of type II diabetes; Case-based reasoning in medicine; Assessing the quality of care in artificial intelligence environment; Electronic medical record to examine physician decisions; Multi-agent systems for the management of community healthcare; Assistive wheelchair navigation; Modelling treatment processes using information extraction; Neonatal pain detection using face classification techniques; Medical education interfaces using virtual patients.

The book is directed to the computer scientists, medical practitioners, scientists, professors and students of health science, computer science and related disciplines.


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