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Скачать Fuzzy Sets Engineering бесплатно

Fuzzy Sets Engineering
352 pages | CRC-Press; 1 edition (April 22, 1995) | 0849394023 | PDF | 10 Mb

This book presents the genuine essence of engineering of fuzzy sets. It includes sound theory, a general methodological framework, efficient algorithms, and detailed validation schemes. Fuzzy Sets Engineering offers discussions in a top-down fashion, with general methodology followed by specific domains which rely strongly on the methodological foundations. Based on this methodological framework, the book then provides a careful, in-depth exposure to very diversified areas. Numerous application-driven examples are included.It discusses general modelling methodology of fuzzy sets then describes useful ideas of neurocomputations. Self-contained chapters allow readers to customize their reading by selecting any of these essential design topics: fuzzy controller, fuzzy control, or information processing with recurrent systems such as fuzzy flip-flops or fuzzy Petri nets. Topics can be investigated in a variety of orders. This versatile format makes this an ideal textbook or reference source for both novices and experienced individuals.


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