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Скачать How to Program Visual Basic 5.0: Control Creation Edition бесплатно

How to Program Visual Basic 5.0: Control Creation Edition

Jeffrey P. McManus | English | ISBN-10: 1562764853 | 336 pages | 1.27MB

Using a combination of graphic and textual elements, this text quickly introduces a non-programmer, or a programmer new to Internet development, to the basics of object-oriented Visual Basic application building for the desktop and the Internet.

From the Publisher
As Microsoft's premium programming language, Visual Basic is now the easiest object-oriented programming approach for application development. This all-in-one guide uses a unique, full-color, visual format and step-by-step instructions to show users how to create their own original ActiveX objects. - Free download on Microsoft's site

- Teaches how to successfully build ActiveX controls with Visual Basic

- CD-ROM includes all of the source code from the book and utilities from well-known Visual Basic programmers

Download links :
server1 | server2 | server3


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