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Скачать Developing Professional Java Applets бесплатно

Developing Professional Java Applets
K.C.hopson , Stephen E. Ingram | English | ISBN-10: 1575210835 | 560 pages | 1.44MB

A high-level guide to developing commercial-grade Java applets for business, research, and education covers advanced applet programming for areas of finance, office and groupware, commerce, and science and research. Original. (Advanced).

From the Publisher
Developing Professional Java Applets is a reference for the professional programmer who needs to develop real-world, business-oriented Java applets-not just animation and games. The book assumes a basic familiarity with Java and gets right down to the business of applying Java to professional development. - A comprehensive guide to developing professional Java applets

- Teaches how to create new Java applets for business, research and education

- Filled with extensive examples of real-world Java applets

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