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Скачать PE USING ACCESS 97 (Platinum edition using) бесплатно

PE USING ACCESS 97 (Platinum edition using)
Que | 1380 pages | 1997 | ISBN: 0789714116 | PDF | 33 mb

Platinum Edition Using Access 97 is the biggest, best, most comprehensive Access resource available. From advanced relational database and expert query design to high-performance client-server programming, you'll gain the knowledge and skills required of professional Access developers. Learn how to export Access tables, queries, and reports to HTML, generate dynamic Web pages from Access queries and forms, replicate databases, and write secure multiuser network applications. Discover the latest additions and enhancements to Access 97, such as Office 97 Service Release 1's reprot Snapshots. And you'll master relational database design, Access SQL syntax, advanced VBA 5.0 programming, the Jet 3.5 Data Access Object, and ODBCDirect for client/server front ends.
archive password: gigle.ws


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