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Скачать CRM as a Rapid Development Platform бесплатно

CRM as a Rapid Development Platform
648 pages | We Speak You Learn, LLC (August 1, 2008) | 0981511813 | PDF | 45 Mb

Leveraging Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 as an application development platform to build real world business solutions that go beyond what you think of as "Just CRM" Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 provides all the capabilities to be a foundation for building line of business applications and saves you a ton of time! In this book, you will learn that CRM is an application development platform not just a CRM package. We will explore how its declarative data modeling, security model, dynamic SOA Web Service creation and other platform services make it a fast and easy platform for development. CRM 4.0 uses popular developer technologies like SQL Server, SQL Server Reporting Services and Windows Workflow Foundation for process automation. See how you can build your applications on top of it, integrate with it or simply extend it using ASP.NET, SharePoint, Silverlight, Virtual Earth, Custom Workflow Activities, Mobile and more.


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