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Скачать JBoss Tools 3 Developers Guide бесплатно

JBoss Tools 3 Developers Guide
408 pages | Packt Publishing (April 17, 2009) | 1847196144 | PDF | 7 Mb

Develop JSF, Struts, Seam, Hibernate, jBPM, ESB, web services, and portal applications faster than ever using JBoss Tools for Eclipse and the JBoss Application Server
Develop complete JSF, Struts, Seam, Hibernate, jBPM, ESB, web service, and portlet applications using JBoss Tools
Tools covered in separate chapters so you can dive into the one you want to learn
Manage JBoss Application Server through JBoss AS Tools
Explore Hibernate Tools including reverse engineering and code generation techniques

In Detail

JBoss Tools consist of the best Java frameworks and technologies placed together under the same "roof". Discovering JBoss Tools is like exploring a cave; at first everything seems unknown and complicated, but once you become familiar with the main features of the Tools, you will start to feel at home.

This is the first book in the market on JBoss Tools, waiting to assist you to throw away all the tiny, dedicated tools you have used earlier, thus helping you to reduce the time you spend on developing a Java application. This book will explore the tools that will help you to build Hibernate, Seam, JSF, Struts, Web Services, jBPM, ESB, and so on and show you how to use them through screenshots, examples, and source code. JBoss Tools comes with a set of dedicated wizards, generators, editors, reverse engineering capabilities, configuration files, templates, syntax highlighting, and more for each of these technologies. Just choose the technologies, and JBoss Tools will glue them together in amazing Java web applications.

This book will show you how to develop a set of Java projects using a variety of technologies and scenarios. Everything is described through JBoss Tools "eyes". After we settle the project (or scenario) that will be developed, we configure the proper environment for the current tool (the selected projects cover the main components of a web application, with regard to the backstage technology). We continue by exploring the tool to accomplish our tasks and develop the project's components. A cocktail of images, theoretical aspects, source code, and step-by-step examples will offer you a complete insight into every tool.

At the end, we deploy and test the project. In addition, every chapter is rich with pure notions about the underlying technology, which will initiate into you or remind you of the basic aspects of it. It will also show you complete and functional applications, and get you familiar with the main aspects of every tool. By the end you will have enough information to successfully handle your own projects with JBoss Tools.

What you will learn from this book?
Develop Java web applications through JBoss Tools perspective, using powerful technologies, like JSF, Seam, Struts, jBPM ,and so on
Configure different JBoss AS distributions under Eclipse Ganymede
Download and install Eclipse Ganymede
Learn how to use the JBoss AS Tools to configure, start, stop, and monitor the JBoss AS directly from Eclipse IDE.
Customize JBoss Tools Palette and learn how to use it to develop text files that contain tags
Explore Web Services Tools for writing WSDLs, generating web services, and publishing web services based on UDDI (jUDDI) and WSIL
Create projects with Portlet Facets, Java Portlet wizard, and JSF/Seam Portlet wizard using the Portal Tools wizard
Learn to develop JBossESB Services using ESB Tools
Generate a complete web service from a WSDL document and from a Java bean using WS Tools wizards


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