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Скачать The Downloader's Handbook, PC Edition: Your Complete Guide to Using Broadband for Downloading бесплатно

Professor David Stevenson Ph. "The Downloader's Handbook, PC Edition: Your Complete Guide to Using Broadband for Downloading, Ripping and Converting Music and Film"
Harriman House | English | 2006-08-01 | ISBN: 1897597657 | 318 pages | PDF | 5 MB

The mass arrival of broadband has caused a revolution on the internet. The major activity online is now the downloading of music and video files. Music download services offer millions of songs for immediate download to users and where music has led, film is about to follow.Nearly all music and film content has now been turned into digital content and is available in some shape or form online. But where can all this be found? Is it safe to download? And what about the legal issues? These are questions which this book answers. Written in straight-forward language this book is a practical guide to: - Setting up a computer to download files over the internet in a safe environment- What programs to use to download and play music and video files- Where to find free and paid-for media files on the net- Which portable MP3 players to buy- How to navigate around all file-sharing networks- How not be fazed by all the jargon like MP3, OGG and DivX- How to understand the legal position when you download filesThe book is not for computer experts, but for people with ordinary home PCs who want to join the entertainment revolution. Your computer has turned into tomorrow's entertainment center - this book shows you how to take simple control of it. Millions of users globally are online, downloading music and video day in, day out. You can either ignore the revolution, or start downloading now!

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