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Скачать InfoSec Career Hacking: Sell Your Skillz, Not Your Soul { Repost } бесплатно

Syngress Press - InfoSec Career Hacking: Sell Your Skillz, Not Your Soul
Chris Klaus | ISBN 1597490113 | 300Pages | 2005 | PDF | 88MB

Determine What You Want to Be When You Grow Up (or at Least Get Older) See how the InfoSec field has matured, and decide if this is the life for you.Social Engineering for Profit Use both your people and research skills to perform reconnaissance on the InfoSec job market.Choose the Right Path Learn what certifications, work experience, and education are required (or not) to land your dream job.There's No Place Like Home for a Test Lab! Build a fully functional test lab and attack machine in your basement to fine-tune both your attack and defense skills.
Learn the Laws of Security Master the ten guiding principles of information security to outwit malicious hackers in the real world.


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