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Скачать Sams Teach Yourself Office 97 in 10 Minutes бесплатно

Sams Teach Yourself Office 97 in 10 Minutes By Greg M. Perry, Nancy Price Warner
Publisher: Sams 1998-03 | 212 Pages | ISBN: 0672313219 | PDF (OCR from html) | 3.9 MB

Sams Teach Yourself Office 97 in 10 Minutes is a tutorial-based book, organized into a series of easy-to-follow, 10-minute lessons. These well-targeted lessons teach you in 10 minutes what some books take several hours or days to teach. You'll learn: - How to manage files and work areas easily - Navigate applications using the Office Web Toolbar - Work with Wizards and multiple documents - Set up hyperlinks to and from files - Share data between applications - Create your own Web content - Manage your e-mail, contacts, and schedule through Outlook.

* Compact, portable tutorial teaches "just the basics" in a simple, tasked based approach
* Any task can be completed in less than ten minutes to get you back to work quickly!
* Perfect first choice for anyone who's used similar software in the past, newcomers to a subject or infrequent users of software or technology

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