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Скачать Paul McFedries, Microsoft Windows Vista Unveiled бесплатно

Paul McFedries, Microsoft Windows Vista Unveiled
Sams | ISBN 0672328933 | CHM | 2006 | 312 pages | 17 MB

Microsoft Windows Vista Unveiled is an in-depth exploration of the public release Beta 2 version of Windows Vista, Microsoft’s next major operating system and the successor to Windows XP. Whether you’re just planning ahead for a future upgrade or running Beta 2 already, Microsoft Windows Vista Unveiled takes you on a detailed tour of all the new and improved technologies, features, tools, and programs that Microsoft programmers have stitched into the Vista fabric. You will learn not only what features are new in Vista, but also why they’re important (or not), who they were designed for, and how they will affect your computing life. The goal of this book is to give you an exhaustive sneak preview of Vista’s innovations and changes so that by the end of the book you should know whether Vista is for you and what you can expect when you sit down in front of this new operating system.

Here’s what you’ll find inside…

* In-depth coverage of all the new and improved Windows Vista tools and technologies
* A tour of the new Windows Vista interface, including Aero Glass
* What hardware you need to get the most out of Windows Vista
* Vista’s file system improvements, including tags, Quick Search, and virtual folders
* A review of Vista’s new performance and stability features
* A critical look at the beefed-up security features, including Windows Defender, the new Firewall, and User Account Control
* A complete look at Vista’s totally redesigned networking tools
* In-depth coverage of Vista’s new and improved tools for notebooks and Tablet PCs, digital media, and gaming

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