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Скачать Sams Teach Yourself Windows Networking in 24 Hours бесплатно

Sams Teach Yourself Windows Networking in 24 Hours By John Pence, Peter Kuo
Publisher: Sams 1999-02-01 | 528 Pages | ISBN: 0672314754 | PDF (OCR from html) | 7.5 MB

Sams Teach Yourself Windows Networking in 24 Hours is the only introductory networking book on the market to focus on connectivity issues regarding all releases of Windows-95, 98, and NT. The book requires no previous knowledge of networking. In just 24 one-hour lessons, learn to understand network interface cards and drivers; the strengths and limitations of various cabling schemes; the intricacies of TCP/IP addressing, sub-netting and routing; the choices available in transport protocols, their strengths and weaknesses; and how and where to implement security measures to protect the network and its data

In recent years, Windows has adapted to the networked workplace. All versions of the Microsoft operating system can connect to other computers, both locally and remotely. Teach Yourself Windows Networking in 24 Hours tells you what you need to know to make Windows machines work in concert, plus it includes additional information.

The authors begin with the most basic network of all: the direct cable connection. From there, they move on through the process of configuring peer-to-peer and client/server networks for all sorts of resource-sharing purposes. Then they show--with lots of step-by-step procedures and screen shots--how to set up long-distance connections with dial-up networking. There's also a fine introduction to network troubleshooting. Throughout, the authors pay adequate attention to both Windows 98 and Windows NT. They distinguish their work with excellent NetWare coverage--a valuable inclusion, since so many existing networks are based on Novell technology.

However, several segments of this book aren't specific to Windows networking at all. Rather, they provide background information about networking technologies that, while worth knowing, isn't part of the essential how-to information many buyers of this book are likely to want. However, this extra information makes this book a fine study aid for the Microsoft Networking Essentials certification exam (70-058). In fact, it's better than many books specifically published for that purpose. --David Wall

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