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Скачать Guy Hart-Davis - Mastering Microsoft Windows Vista Home: Premium and Basic бесплатно

Guy Hart-Davis - Mastering Microsoft Windows Vista Home: Premium and Basic
Sybex | 2007 | ISBN: 0470046147 | Pages: 1042 | PDF | 29 MB

Configure, run, and troubleshoot Windows Vista Home Premium or Windows Vista Home Basic with the detailed coverage you'll find in this comprehensive guide. With a task-based approach and clear, no-nonsense instructions, the book helps you become an advanced user of Windows Vista—even if you're just starting out.
From essentials such as administering your computer and surfing the Web securely to advanced maneuvers such as creating your own movies and burning DVDs, you'll find what you need to master the powerful features of Windows Vista.

Coverage includes:

* Getting up to speed with Windows Vista
* Improving performance, troubleshooting problems, and recovering from disaster
* Customizing your desktop and making the most of bundled programs
* Protecting your computer with Windows Update, Windows Defender, and Windows Firewall
* Making the most of Vista's features for portable computers
* Communicating online with e-mail and instant messaging
* Enjoying music, movies, DVDs, and TV on your computer
* Burning DVDs, playing games, and creating a media library
* Building a wired, wireless, or combination network—and securing it
* Sharing files and printers with other users of your computer or network

Secure Your Computer, Your Network, and Your Online Activities

Full Coverage for Power Users, Home Office Users, and Beginners

All the Information You Need to Make the Most of Windows Vista Home Premium

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