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Скачать Andrew Abbate, “Microsoft Windows Vista Management and Administration" бесплатно

Andrew Abbate, “Microsoft Windows Vista Management and Administration"
Sams | 2007-12-07 | ISBN: 0672329611 | CHM | 688 pages | 30 Mb

This book will show administrators how to manage and administer the advanced functions and security features in Windows Vista. The recommendations, tips, tricks, and best practices are based on years of early-adopter implementations of Windows Vista in large corporate and private environments. The authors highlight the functions of Windows Vista that both large and small environments have found to be the most useful, including all-new features such as Complete PC Backup, BitLocker, and the powerful Group Policy options that are only available in Windows Vista.

Understand how to¦
Integrate Windows Vista into an Active Directory domain
Properly protect information for local and remote users
Utilize BitLocker to encrypt all the data on a disk
Properly secure a Windows Vista system
Enable self-service recovery with Shadow Copy
Deploy Windows Vista systems without having to touch them
Deploy powerful new Group Policy settings
Pick the version of Vista that is right for your users
Optimize Vista performance
Securely access corporate information while offline
Perform image-level backup and restore of Vista workstations

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