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Скачать The Old New Thing: Practical Development Throughout the Evolution of Windows бесплатно

The Old New Thing: Practical Development Throughout the Evolution of Windows by Raymond Chen
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional | Number Of Pages: 560 | Publication Date: 2007-01-06 | ISBN-10: 0321440307 | PDF | 60 Mb

Many of Windows' quirks have perfectly logical explanations, rooted in history. Understand them, and you'll be more productive and a lot less frustrated. Raymond Chen--who's spent more than a decade on Microsoft's Windows development team--reveals the "hidden Windows" you need to know.
Chen's engaging style, deep insight, and thoughtful humor have made him one of the world's premier technology bloggers. Here he brings together behind-the-scenes explanations, invaluable technical advice, and illuminating anecdotes that bring Windows to life--and help you make the most of it.

A few of the things you'll find inside:
* What vending machines can teach you about effective user interfaces
* A deeper understanding of window and dialog management
* Why performance optimization can be so counterintuitive
* A peek at the underbelly of COM objects and the Visual C++ compiler
* Key details about backwards compatibility--what Windows does and why
* Windows program security holes most developers don't know about
* How to make your program a better Windows citizen

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